Exposing Planned Parenthood

1. Planned Parenthood does NOT do mammograms. 

2. Planned Parenthood does abortions. (seems obvious but not to all) 

3. Planned Parenthood commits 392 abortions for every one adoption referral it makes.

4. Planned Parenthood receives over a million dollars of your money – every. Single. Day.

5. Planned Parenthood still receives funding from the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

6. Planned Parenthood uses racist strategies handed down by a eugenicist founder

7. Planned Parenthood has lobbied for legal infanticide

8. Planned Parenthood commits about 30% of the nation’s abortions

9. Planned Parenthood’s biggest fan is Barack Obama, President of the United States

10. Planned Parenthood is notorious for covering up rape and child abuse

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