i just watched this video of a late term abortion and it’s the most fucking heartbreaking and disgusting thing i have ever seen

i don’t give a shit if it was late term and “only 1% of abortions are late term” this is so wrong

i can’t breathe i am crying so hard

how anyone can support this is so wrong

oh god


because there was a health risk to the mother. That’s the only way they are allowed. Stop being ignorant.


‘Life of the mother’ can include ’emotional distress’. That is an extremely low bar to set and is used by many as a last minute escape hatch to avoid the responsibility of caring for a child, or even worse, to spite the child’s father.

It’s typical of abortion advocates to deny the horror of human abortion every time they are exposed to its reality. Over 144,000 abortions are performed after the first trimester each year in the United States alone. This video represents just one of those. How many more children must die before we wake up from this nightmare?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. Wait I am confused if there was a health risk durring late pregnacy why did they just not induce an early labour? I cannot see how a late term abortion is less risky than labour? People argue about women bleeding out from labour? Umm Abortion can cause bleeding too. Abortion is not safer for mothers.


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