Playing the Morality Card

This comment references this post.


Do not assume that I have killed my fetus when I have done no such thing. I have never even been pregnant. You played the morality card to make me look like a terrible human being when I am the exact opposite. Do not use my “lack” of morals to back your argument when you don’t know me.


I know enough about you to determine that you place your own interests above those of our most vulnerable. You are willing to kill a preborn human being in order to ensure that your own personal interests are fulfilled.

You believe that you are a ‘good’ person. That is a difficult concept for me to grasp. A good person puts the lives of others before their own self interests.

You are young and have much to learn about our world. I challenge you to study the many human atrocities committed throughout history and then re-evaluate your commitment to the wholesale slaughter of our prenatal children.

Over 3,300 human beings are destroyed every day through abortion in the United States alone. If you stay your course, this will become your legacy.

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