Why is it when a male’s climax results in a fetus, father’s rights start and my rights end? I gave him permission to touch me sexually, to be in my vagina, and in this case, climax inside of it. That consent stops when the sex stops, understand? When I give you permission to have sex with me, it does not mean you own my uterus if there’s a fetus involved. I will not bear your children just because you say so or you want it. I already gave you what you wanted, and that was sex.

I repeat, the consent stops when the sex stops.

You can have a say in what I do with the fetus, but in the end it’s my choice. The consent stops when the sex stops.


This person, who ironically goes by ‘for-my-childrens-future’, is a clear example of what’s wrong with our society, a society that holds little to no regard for the lives of our most vulnerable.

She feels that killing her child is an acceptable form of birth control. This is why abortion puts the rest of our human rights at risk. If a person can be this depraved, how long before we allow the killing of children until they are sentient, or until they gain total autonomy?

It breaks my heart that this person was raised with a complete lack of morals. Raised to be so selfish that she is willing to kill her own child to avoid the slightest inconvenience.

When did motherhood become such a negative? How did these women lose their honor and self respect? How did they lose their respect for life?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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