An Uncomfortable Position


If you use the “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” excuse against abortion, you must recall something else. In America, we have access to our rights until they trample on someone else’s. An example of this would be when your right to free speech turns to bullying. The right to life ends when a pregnant woman is no longer comfortable carrying a fetus. It’s her right to terminate her pregnancy.


This is about the most flawed interpretation of the United States Constitution I have ever run across. The constitution provides for the framework of our government and for the rights of our people. Title 18 United States Code – Crimes and Criminal Procedure, provides for punishments when these rights are abused.

Unfortunately, the courts do not currently agree that the Constitution provides for the right to life of prenatal children. Current law only provides this protection beginning at the moment our heads penetrate the cervix into the birth canal where we magically morph into a real human being deserving of the protections afforded by the Bill of Rights.

Aside from this sad fact, you argue that an unborn human being can continue the process of growth and development until the mother becomes ‘uncomfortable’. Is this the low bar you set for killing a prenatal child? Pregnancy is often quite uncomfortable, especially its grand finale — birth.

I am sure your mother experienced discomfort while carrying you and while giving birth to you. Aren’t you glad she didn’t set such a low bar for opting out of the responsibility for your life?

I am truly glad she respected your right to life. I am happy that you are here with us. I just wish you would dedicate your precious life to something other than the destruction of those who follow you into this world.

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