The Personal Choice to Kill a Child


You are a woman and you are making the decision to approve the idea of taking the right away from other women to make a personal choice about their own bodies and that honestly baffles me. Regardless of your personal opinion which you are more than entitled to have, you take it one step further and basically support the idea of taking a woman’s choice away from them and also think that the government to make a move that puts vulnerable females down to the point ruining their lives… Correct?


You are absolutely correct, I most definitely want to take the choice to kill a preborn child away from a woman who places her own selfish needs above those of her own child.

If the child had simply been born, you would feel the same way. As a community, we routinely take away the ‘rights’ of women when they abuse or attempt to kill their children after birth.

Because I know and accept the fact that life begins at conception, there is no distinction between a prenatal and a neonatal child for me, so how could I possibly stand by and watch the killing continue unchecked?

I suspect that you are intelligent enough to know that life begins at conception. You obviously have yet to accept the responsibility that goes along with this realization.

Together, we can change our culture and end the slaughter of children in the womb.

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