Hear No Evil Skeletons

Because abortion is about ending life, because abortion is a violation of the most basic of human rights, and because abortion is a seething wound on the fabric of humanity, those who advocate for its practice are forced to live in a state of denial.

When presented with videos of actual abortions showing the extreme human-on-human violence that aborting a child is, they invariably claim that they are fake or that they are miscarriages or that they were necessary to save the mother’s life.

When shown testimonies from regretful abortion clinic workers and abortionists who have had a change of heart, they claim that these are made up or are from unreliable sources.

When presented with the scientific fact that life begins at fertilization, they fall back to the sentience argument — that we should be able to kill prenatal children because they are not aware of their own existence.

When reminded that newborn children are no more sentient than they were moments before their birth while living in the womb, they fall back to the arbitrary argument that we become human when our head passes through the cervix.

And when presented with evidence that children experience the pain of dismemberment while being aborted, they call it ‘junk science’ or ‘propaganda’.

It’s difficult for most people to support a position that relies on the very real and very sad fact that human beings must literally be butchered in order to realize the goal of their position. And so the denials continue, almost as frequently as the abortions themselves.

There are still people in this world that deny that the Holocaust ever happened, though fortunately the vast majority accept that this human tragedy did, in fact, occur. It’s this acknowledgement that is so fundamental to preventing its recurrence. And it’s exactly why abortion advocates continue to deny the realities of abortion.

We are better than this and all of us know it, but some just can’t accept it yet. How many more children must die until they do?

Help awaken them

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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