Harvesting Tissue


If you think a woman’s body is for the sole purpose of harvesting tissue to feed and grow another body, you have a lot of fucking growing up to do.


I never said that the sole purpose of a woman’s body was for feeding and growing another body. What I did say is that a woman’s body evolved to serve this additional purpose and that a woman should embrace this incredible capability and assume responsibility for this evolutionary gift.

There are few men who would not love to have this gift, to have a chance to experience the amazing and beautiful process of creating life first hand. Most men are secretly jealous of this capability.

A woman’s body serves many other purposes…

To live life to its fullest while respecting the life of others.

To sustain her on the incredible adventure we call life.

To care for the oppressed and the weakest among our human family.

To fight for what is right with this world and to change those things that are wrong with this world.

To enjoy the loving embrace of other human beings.

These are just a few of the things a woman can use her body for, none of which absolve her of the responsibility to harbor and protect the life of another human being that is required by evolution to share her body.

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