Is Money More Important Than Human Life?

This question references this post.


in relation to the trans man question: Please take into account that most trans men (trans* people in general) are discriminated against in healthcare. most wouldn’t be allowed to be sterilised even if they didn’t identify as male. and don’t assume they’re not taking steps to avoid it. most are. that’s just rude. also, hormones, surgery and changing of public forms costs a lot of money. What if they can’t afford sterilisation ? this is why abortion needs to be available at all costs.


You value MONEY over the life of a human being. You only feel this way because you were fortunate enough to have been protected during your development in the womb. I suspect that you value your life and are glad you are here with us.

I hear this argument repeatedly, that it costs too much for prenatal care, that it costs to much have a child, that it costs too much to raise a child, and now I hear it costs too much to get sterilized. Is money really a reason to end a human life?

It’s interesting that you can find the money for an abortion, but can’t find the money to sustain a human life.

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