Pro-Abortion Feminists are HYPOCRITES


  1. You talk about Pro-Choice, but you refuse to allow your unborn child his/her own choices in life.
  2. You talk about sexism against females, but you support gender-based abortions against girls.
  3. You talk about objectification, but you dehumanize your own baby as a “clump of cells” with no right to life.


Feminism is an affront to the special uniqueness of women everywhere. The mental gymnastics required to adopt this philosophy while simultaneously supporting the right to kill preborn men and women is truly astounding. Having said that, some feminists get this concept and support the right to life. They are beautiful people and I applaud them.

In our society, women have all of the same rights as men under the law. As a result of evolution, women gained the great fortune to be able to create new human life. This, in strict evolutionary terms, makes them superior to men. If feminists would rally behind this incredible capability and hold it up as something to be cherished, they would seize and hold the high ground.

Instead, some want to be like men and not have to bear this responsibility. That is not how human reproduction evolved and there is nothing that can be done to change it. Women are special and they should march in the streets trumpeting their incredible capability to produce new life, for without them, our entire species would cease to exist.

Woman are amazing and I just wish those that have pitted mother against child could reach their full potential by embracing and protecting the lives of the preborn.

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