One Choice Away from Death

One choice away from death.

I posted this yesterday with a similar image of a pregnant woman. The pro-choice advocates could not stop focusing on the fact that the child appeared to be near birth. What’s interesting is that abortion is completely legal in the United States of America up until the point the child’s head penetrates into the birth canal [Doe v. Bolton, 1973]. All a woman needs to do is claim emotional or mental distress and late-term abortionists will jump at the opportunity to terminate the child’s life as this is the most profitable ‘procedure’ they perform.

What difference does it really make how many weeks old someone is before you kill them? This image depicts a 23 week old prenatal child and is the center of debate in Texas where people like Wendy Davis are advocating for their destruction.

I have to believe we are better than this.What will your legacy be?

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