Purging the Unwanted

Imagine that it is 1935 – the Nazi German State begins throwing its propaganda machine against the Jewish people into full swing. The German people are told over and over again that Jews are not worthy of citizenship, that they are ruining the German economy. and that they must be purged from German society.

Conversations very similar to our current abortion debate surely swirled among the German people. Eventually, the majority of Germans adopted this philosophy, allowing the government to persecute the Jewish people unchecked.

The German government began to further convince its people that the Jews were not human beings at all and that they had no right to live among them. As the German government began to gain more and more support for their twisted worldview, the atrocities against the Jewish people became more and more grave. Eventually, with no one left that was willing to stand up for the weak and the oppressed, the government, under the rule of law, began terminating the Jews as part of its ‘final solution’.

In the United States, we allow our preborn to be killed each and every day based on very similar augments. They are the weakest and most vulnerable among our society and are considered non-persons by those who wish to retain the right to purge them from the womb. Abortion advocates fight every attempt by state legislatures to classify them as people, a measure that would provide them the full protection of the Constitution of the United States. They argue for the killing of our prenatal children by the millions on the grounds that they harm the economic well-being of the individual mother as well as society at large. That they should be destroyed for any reason at all, so long as the mother desires it.

There are hundreds of abortion mills operating in the United States, thousands around the globe. Over 1.5 billion human beings have been legally destroyed by abortion on this planet since 1970, eclipsing the casualties of every war ever fought and every atrocity ever committed — combined. Over 60 human beings were destroyed by abortion in the time it took you to read this.

Only we can end this human tragedy.

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