Why does it seem like you want to outright ignore the existence of the woman involved in a pregnancy and pretend that the woman is nothing but an incubator for the fetus inside of her? I mean, if a woman knows that getting an abortion would be the best option for her, you don’t care. No, you want that woman to be forced through pregnancy and childbirth against her will. That is nothing but internalized misogyny. So, tell me, why do you hate women?


No one that is pro-life ‘hates’ women. Many pro-life advocates are women. It is degrading to women and the evolutionary process of human development to marginalize children or the women who carry them by referring to women as simple incubators. Each of us depended on this process to live, depended on our mother to fulfill her role to provide us with a safe place to develop into the people we are today.

Fulfillment of this evolutionary responsibility by a mother should be an honor and something society respects above all else. Our culture is what has changed to now look upon our prenatal children as an inconvenience, parasites, and something that is less than human. We all must work to change this warped view of life.

Nothing in the human experience is more amazing and beautiful than the creation and development of life. Women are our lifeline to the future, without whom our species would die. I do, in fact, love and respect women immensely.

Abortion is an aberration of humanity and contradicts the very purpose of human love and procreation. We are better than than abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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