Hi. Not trying to hate, just debate :) With your “if you’re against murder, just don’t murder anyone,” that’s actually not analogous because murder and abortion are completely different. Murder, you’re actually taking a life that has already impacted on the world, with the victim aware of the act. Abortion, all you’re taking is their potential to live, which when you look at it is actually not a harm.


In your mind, murder is different than abortion because the preborn are hidden behind the veil of their mother’s body, making them seem like they are not human or alive.

In my mind, as well as the scientific community’s mind, life begins at fertilization when male and female DNA fuse. The physical location of the child is irrelevant. They are human beings and deserve the protection of the law, the protection of a caring human community, and above all, the protection of their mother and father. After all, we are them and they are us — our DNA.

When someone is killed, their potential is destroyed along with their body and mind. It does not matter that someone has impacted the world in the past, it is only their future that is destroyed. If the amount of time you have lived mattered, the laws would impose more severe penalties for killing the elderly than for killing the young. Under our laws, they are equally punishable crimes.

If someone sets a bomb off on a crowded street and instantly kills the people located near the bomb, were they aware of the act? When the Nazis filled ‘shower’ rooms full of Jewish men, women, and children, the victims thought they were simply going to bathe, but then the Nazis filled the chamber with Zyklon B, a cyanide based pesticide. The victims were unaware.

Did these murders harm anyone?

The Nazis did not consider Jews people and convinced the citizens of Germany of this as well. Once the German people’s culture was changed to believe this, the atrocities went unchecked. After all, in their minds they weren’t killing people, they were killing ‘something else’, something less than they were, something ‘not human’, and something that was an ‘inconvenience’ to their way of life.

The only way to end human abortion is to shift our culture back to a belief that our prenatal children are human beings, real people like us. Not something less than we are, not something that can be disposed of simply to maintain our way of life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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