Internalized Misogyny

This question references this post.


Also, please look up the term “internalized misogyny,” since it’s pretty obvious that you don’t understand what that means.


I do understand ‘internalized misogyny’. My point was that women should not feel less of a human being simply because, by evolutionary design, they bear the children for our species. This should be viewed as an honor and should hold a special place in all women, and men’s, hearts. This ability, in many ways, makes a woman more important than a man. Instead of trumpeting this amazing ability and responsibility, some women have demonized pregnancy and view it as burden inflicted on them by society, and men in particular. Men no more designed the reproductive process than women. We are simply beholden to this process and should embrace it for the miracle of beauty and complexity that it is.

I salute all women and hold eternal gratitude for the sacrifices they make to produce the next generation of both men and women.

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