The are many ways to fight the battle to defend innocent prenatal life. The ultimate solution to any conflict is diplomacy, solving the problem before it reaches the point where people must die. In the battle over abortion, the vast majority of casualties are preborn children who are incapable of mounting a diplomatic campaign, protesting at state or federal capitol buildings, or advocating for their right to life. That is where the pro-life movement comes in — we carry the water for our defenseless developing children. But what if this conflict between mothers and their children could be avoided all together? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate solution?


Non-abortifacient birth control is that solution. Some have religious objections to birth control, but isn’t re-evaluating this dogma an infinitely better compromise to make than having to fight against abortion after the child has been conceived? Prior to conception, the sperm and the egg are just individual cells with the potential, when joined, to create life. If life is not desired, then everything possible to keep these two DNA carriers separated should be employed. There are so many options available, and they should always be used in combination with each other. The female should use one or more types and the male should add the additional layer of a condom. There are several combinations that will fit different lifestyles and circumstances.

Abstinence is not an effective means of birth control because we all know that we, as human beings, are often incapable of resisting the primal urges that (happily) present themselves from time-to-time.

Counting on male withdrawal is simply deluding yourself and relying solely on the male to control himself, and we all know that is an unrealistic expectation.

So who should have access to this birth control? EVERYONE! Every human being that is capable of participating in sexual intercourse and actively producing sperm or eggs. And yes, the government should fully fund access to birth control for the poor and uninsured. The excuse that birth control is not available or too expensive must become a thing of the past. Isn’t preventing the need to ever have to grapple with the horror of human abortion worth the relativity simple and inexpensive solution of full birth control access for everyone, regardless of age?

The human animal is driven to have sex and there is no stopping it, even among our children who are typically able to become pregnant at twelve years of age, though this can occur even earlier. This is yet another opportunity where we can foster a culture shift to win the war against human abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. Dr from Australia September 3, 2022 at 11:54 am

    Did the advent of artificial contraception bring a decline or a rise in the number of abortions? Free access to contraception and the “contraceptive mentality” it cultivates (i.e. treating sex as though it is dissociated from procreation) promotes promiscuity and has resulted in higher rates of unwanted pregnancies, STIs and abortions. If abstinence doesn’t work then perhaps you’d like to explain how it was successful in curbing the HIV epidemic in Uganda, the only country brave enough to try this strategy, when free condoms had failed miserably in every other country using this approach (see the work of Edward Crocker Green from Harvard).

    Apart from the above, your approach seems to be fighting immorality with immorality. Is the solution to paedophilia making child pornography more accessible as outlet for would-be child molesters? I think not.

    The only real solution is cultivating an understanding of the proper place of sex in relationships and society. Sex makes babies and it’s not just like a casual game of tennis. Use it wisely.


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