It is an unfortunate reality that many mothers will kill their prenatal sons and daughters. This creates an intense bias toward the acceptance of pro-life views because these women need to emotionally justify their actions in order to deal with the guilt, pain, and loss many of them experience. Although there is certainly precedence for a change of heart toward the protection of our preborn children by some of these women, it is not the norm.

One key example of this change of heart is Norma McCorvey, plaintiff for Roe v. Wade, who has come out against abortion. Ms. McCorvey stated that she felt responsible “for all the children murdered”. If the heart of Jane Roe could be touched, there is hope that others may be reached as well.


Jane Roe declared that abortion is “killing” and that it is “wrong”, that American women “have literally been handed the right to slaughter their own children”.

If you advocate for the killing of prenatal children because you feel that only the mother’s body matters, that only her convenience and financial well being should be considered, perhaps Ms. McCorvey’s change of heart will inspire you to reconsider. Perhaps you will take the brave step of accepting that you were wrong and seize this opportunity to respect life, to honor our preborn children, and to set an example of hope for the future.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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