One of the more compelling arguments made by abortion advocates is that women are often left alone to face the challenges of pregnancy and child rearing. This argument is compelling because it is absolutely true. It is also absolutely no reason to advocate for the killing of a child.

The responsibility and the rights of the father must be addressed by our society through laws if we ever want a fair and equitable solution to the tragedy of abortion. The father is half of the equation and should be compelled to bear half of the responsibility for a pregnancy. Unfortunately, the best that can often be obtained through legal means is child support payments. What needs to change is when these payments begin. Life begins at conception and so should child support, to include shared payments for prenatal care and the costs associated with the actual birth. This still leaves the mother to bear the responsibility for the daily tasks of raising the child, which for most is a joy. For those that do not want this responsibility, adoption is the best option.

Our society invokes it’s will through laws and norms. Norms form the foundation of a culture and our culture must shift to one that expects full participation by the father. Regardless of the fact that we all enjoy sex for recreation, it’s ultimate purpose is procreation. This must be impressed upon all in our society at a young age. If our children are raised to understand that the responsibility for pregnancy, whether intended or not, is a shared responsibility between the mother and father, we will begin to make progress in developing a culture that respects life and abandons the idea that killing unwanted children is an option.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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