Uterus Blood

Abortion Is an Act of Cowardice

Mothers and fathers kill their children because they fear responsibility...

/ March 24, 2018

Breaking Down Babies

I always try to aim for a spine to bring it down...

/ March 23, 2018
Oppression Defined

The Definition of Oppression

Abortion is the ultimate form of oppression...

/ March 22, 2018

Tipping Point on Abortion

Imagine if a Muslim butcher were forced to sell pork...

/ March 22, 2018
Abortion Procedure Curettage

How to Kill Your Baby

Learn how the language of abortion masks the reality of abortion...

/ March 22, 2018

His Humanity Is Undeniable

Although this little one was lost naturally, thousands of children like him are intentionally killed by their mothers for no other reason than existing...

/ March 20, 2018
Sleeping Preemie

Sculpting a Miracle

Miracle beautifully captures the boundless hope embodied in every child born too early...

/ March 19, 2018

The Karma of Donating to Planned Parenthood

I bet they'd love to have those 60,000,000 aborted babies back now...

/ March 18, 2018
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

A Universal Truth

The equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family...

/ March 18, 2018

I Make Sure They Can’t Scream

You know fetuses can’t scream, right? I transect the cord 1st so there’s really no opportunity...

/ March 17, 2018
Saint Patrick's Day

Help Ireland Save Their 8th Amendment

The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn...

/ March 17, 2018

Prenatal Vitamins or Prenatal Poison?

We live in a world where you can swallow poison to kill your baby or vitamins to protect them...

/ March 16, 2018
I Am Human

I Am a Human

We've always been human beings, no matter what the majority may sometimes believe...

/ March 15, 2018
Pregnant Mother

Pregnancy Week by Week

Explore your amazing development prior to your birth...

/ March 14, 2018

A Hard Days Work

Abortion is human depravity distilled into its purest form...

/ March 13, 2018
Baby on Mother

His Body, His Choice

Suicide destroys your own body, abortion destroys someone else's...

/ March 13, 2018

Keeping Score: NRA vs Planned Parenthood

Are your priorities straight in the defense of our young...

/ March 10, 2018
All Human

Do You Fight for Equality?

Abortion is a rejection of the idea that each of us are equals...

/ March 4, 2018

Begging for Life

She begged me to cancel the appointment, and I did...

/ March 4, 2018
Abortion Regret

Abortion is Anti-Woman

Abortion kills one and forever wounds another...

/ March 4, 2018
Say No to Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is the Leading Killer of Children

Take a stand against killing children by taking a stand against hypocrisy...

/ March 4, 2018

The Hypocrisy of March for Our Lives

Planned Parenthood is sponsoring a march to preserve human life...

/ March 3, 2018

Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong

We're the only ones who kill their young in the womb...

/ March 2, 2018
Birthing the Future

Birthing Our Future

Let life stir within you...

/ March 2, 2018

It’s Legal to Kill Babies

Will you lift a finger to help them...

/ February 28, 2018

Twice Assaulted

For me, having an abortion was like being raped again, only worse...

/ February 25, 2018
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Won’t Mention the Evil Behind Population Trends

My dad was head of Planned Parenthood...

/ February 25, 2018
Cecile Richards With Hillary Clinton

Living on the Wrong Side of History

Cecile Richards presided over the barbaric killing of over 3,800,000 prenatal children...

/ February 24, 2018

Broken Skulls

When the skull is broken, that’s really sharp...

/ February 24, 2018

Redefining Personhood

The word 'person' as used in the Fourteenth Amendment, does not include the unborn...

/ February 24, 2018
Gun Control Abortion

Gun Control Compromise

Ban abortion and we'll ban guns. Your move...

/ February 23, 2018

The Science of Life

Watch as this person writes their very first chapter...

/ February 22, 2018
Sexual Reproduction Illustration

How Children Happen

Sometimes babies like to surprise us...

/ February 20, 2018
March for Our Lives Too

March for Our Lives Too

The solution begins with the end of abortion...

/ February 19, 2018
March for Life 2018

The Disturbing Truth About Abortion

Abortion kills defenseless children...

/ February 19, 2018
Ultrasound Art

Painting Life

Humanity's most precious gift...

/ February 19, 2018

Fear Mongering

Birth is nothing to fear...

/ February 18, 2018
March For Our Lives

March for Our Lives

Aborting a child makes them just as dead as a bullet from a gun...

/ February 18, 2018
Jane Fonda Abortion

Nine Dead Siblings

Abortion doesn't liberate women, it kills them...

/ February 18, 2018

Taking Care of Baby

Right now, I love my coffee and wine...

/ February 18, 2018
Planned Parenthood Employee of the Month

Planned Parenthood Will Kill Over 800 Human Beings Today

Will you defend the most vulnerable among us?

/ February 17, 2018
Pregnant Doll

How Many Dolls Are There?

Getting two dolls for the price of one...

/ February 16, 2018
Bloody Abortion Instruments

Woman’s Choice Abortion Clinic Investigation

Exposing the depravity of 'choice'...

/ February 11, 2018
Olympic Medals PyeongChang 2018

Abortion Kills Olympians

Thousands of champions never got their chance at gold...

/ February 10, 2018

Facing the Reality of Choice

I am guilty of second-degree murder...

/ February 10, 2018

The Differences Between People

Celebrate diversity, don't destroy it...

/ February 9, 2018

Abortion Shatters Lives

The pain is real and lasts a lifetime...

/ February 8, 2018
Senator Chuck Schumer Abortion
Fetal Models

A Model Life

From the moment of our fertilization, we continue to grow...

/ February 5, 2018
What Was Your Name

What Was Your Name?

What were you meant to be...

/ February 4, 2018