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Why the Zeal to Kill Children?

24 hour waiting limit abortion

Sadly, when a young mother shares her anxiety and trepidation about an unplanned pregnancy, many around her will immediately leap to the option of killing her son or daughter. Why? Because killing is much easier than caring. And because many of those who have killed their own children need others to kill theirs to normalize their own depraved act.

We literally live in a world where mothers are cheered on to kill their prenatal children. We live in a world where sex is valued far more than human life. We, as a species, kill over 125,000 of our own offspring EVERY DAY. Abortion is our Holocaust. Our failing. Our legacy.

It’s time to end the slaughter. It’s time to reclaim our lost humanity.

Baby Boy Tragically Miscarried At 14 Weeks

miscarriage 14 weeks

Meet Phoenix Aesir Mann, a precious little guy who sadly lost his life 14 short weeks following his conception. Phoenix was born right into his mother’s hand after her water broke at home due to a complication with her pregnancy. Those who support abortion on demand, especially those who make money directly killing the preborn, constantly claim that children like Phoenix are just ‘fetal tissue’. Clearly, Phoenix was a human being just like you and I.

Every year, over 4,500,000 prenatal children aged 14 weeks and older are brutally killed by corporations like Planned Parenthood. In the United States alone, over 85,000 little American boys and girls are poisoned or dismembered while cradled in their mother’s womb. Don’t believe the lies designed to make aborting human beings sound like a noble pursuit in support of human rights. Clearly, intentionally killing children like Phoenix is not only a great injustice, it’s a violation of true human rights.

How many more children must die before we awaken to the inhumanity of killing prenatal children? Please help protect them. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Visit the cultureshift TAKE ACTION page to learn how to defend them.

Saline abortions became more and more frequent in the Labor and Delivery Unit. In an effort to cope, I read about the procedure, hoping against hope that it was not as horrible as my mind imagined it to be. It wasn’t – it was worse.

The physician first raised a skin wheal with a local anesthetic on the maternal abdomen. Then a long needle was inserted into the uterus, through the numbed abdominal area. A fairly large amount of amniotic fluid was withdrawn from the uterus and then replaced with hypertonic saline. Hypertonic saline cause the fetal cells to burst. Death ensued shortly, but not before the fetus convulsed in death throes. Sometimes the mothers could feel these convulsions, depending on how far along in pregnancy they were.

— Bonnie L. McClory, Obstetric Technician

Question and Answer

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I don’t understand how you’re so unable to accept facts. I understand your views and respect that you believe in something however when it’s no longer a blissful ignorance but rather a blatant disregard of facts it kind of irritates me. For example the 24 week old pictures you posted. The one was not an abortion. It doesn’t take a doctor to figure this out. It’s stuff like that that gives you a bad rap. You can believe what you want but don’t push false info onto others to try and sway them.


This is the picture you are referring to…

24 week preemie

And here is another victim of saline abortion…

24 week abortion

His name was Patrick and he was killed in the 1980’s at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, after six months of life in the womb.

Although dismemberment abortion is the preferred method for killing children today, saline abortion was the procedure in vogue when Patrick was killed. They could only be done after 16 weeks to ensure that enough fluid was in the amniotic sac surrounding the baby. A long needle was inserted through the mother’s abdomen into the amniotic sac. As much amniotic fluid as possible, usually about one cup, was withdrawn. Then, a small dose of saline solution was injected. If the mother didn’t experience any immediate signs of allergic reaction or rejection, the remaining solution was injected into the sac containing her child.

After injection, the baby would suffer for about an hour until their heart stopped. The corrosive effect of the salt solution burned their lungs and stripped away the outer layer of their skin. The mother would then go through labor and deliver a dead baby. The abortion, in medical terms, was considered a success.

There were many complications involved with the saline abortion procedure. In addition to the possible death of the mother, if the hypertonic saline was inadvertently injected directly into the mother’s vascular system, which occasionally happened, the salt could enter her bloodstream causing severe dehydration, seizures, and coma. If the needle was misplaced, injection of the saline into her bladder would most certainly cause damage if not irrigated immediately. Hypertonic saline could initiate uncontrolled blood clotting throughout the mother’s body, causing severe hemorrhaging, as well as causing other serious side effects on her central nervous system, including her brain and spinal cord.

Patrick was buried by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society at Resurrection Cemetery in Romeoville, Illinois, Diocese of Joliet on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2001. Five Hundred people attended his burial service where the Honorable Henry Hyde gave his eulogy.

Patrick’s photo was taken by Monica Migliorino Miller and Edmund Miller and shared with the world in an effort to expose the cruel and brutal reality of what the choice to kill a child through abortion looks like.

The first step in fighting for a cause is understanding exactly what you fight for. If you are going to fight to continue the killing of little prenatal boys and girls, do some research and own what you stand for. I can assure you that is exactly what I do in their defense.

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