Pro-Life = True Human Equality


Make Your Voice Heard

Susan B. Anthony List Defund Planned Parenthood

Call your Representative and tell them to defund Planned Parenthood!

Here’s how

Abortion Destroys Peace And Equality

Root Of All That Is Wrong With The World

You cannot support the right of a mother to kill her prenatal child and still claim that you support human rights and equality. Abortion is the belief that some lives matter less than others. A belief that has driven every human atrocity our species has ever conjured into existence. Abortion is no exception.

Expand Your Mind With Google

In this MUST WATCH Talks at Google, Stephanie Gray, internationally renowned speaker and author, applies the Socratic method and storytelling to the debate surrounding abortion. She invites the audience to be “pro-conversation” on a topic that can be one of the most divisive, and demonstrates that it is possible to be gracious and respectful when encountering different ideas.

Planned Parenthood’s True Color Is Blood Red

Planned Parenthood Pink Out

Planned Parenthood is simply another name for human slaughterhouse. Planned Parenthood kills over 300,000 of America’s prenatal children every year. How much longer will you stand by and allow this corporation to continue to prey on our young?

Take action.

Planned Parenthood Is On The Wrong Side Of History

In its zeal to complete its mission to kill the unwanted members of our human family, Planned Parenthood defends letting children who survive an attempted abortion die on the table. Future generations will look back on us as the barbarians we have allowed ourselves to become unless we take action to end this human atrocity. Either stand up and fight to end abortion or forever remain on the wrong side of history.

There’s No Greater Love

True Love

There is no greater love than helping a struggling mother and child. Learn how to open your heart and defend the most vulnerable among us.

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