A Baby In A Blender


I’m a lesbian. However, I have watched my straight and bisexual friends LOSE EVERYTHING because they were unable to have abortions. Many of my friends were forced to drop out of college. They had to take care of kids and work awful jobs while their ex-boyfriends got to continue school. Women are more important than clumps of cells. I had to watch an abortion for an internship at a health center. It looks like what comes out of my vagina every month (red blood). You are a misogynist and a liar!


You say your friends lost everything. Did they lose their lives? If they had been aborted, that’s exactly what would have happened. I notice you use dehumanizing terms when referring to your fellow human beings passing through a stage of life you once passed through. You do this to disconnect yourself from the reality of what you support — the destruction of innocent human life.

I’m going to assume you watched a child being killed at six or seven weeks following their conception. The method used to destroy these human beings is called vacuum aspiration. A cannula is inserted into the womb and the living baby is suctioned through a small tube under high pressure. This has the same effect as placing that baby in a high speed blender, resulting in what looks like a thick frothy red liquid.

Protecting little prenatal boys and girls doesn’t make me a misogynist or a liar, it makes me human.

The Magic Of Delusion

Adam4d CartoonAdam4d CartoonAdam4d Cartoon

The Devastating Impact Of Abortion

One day in the car, my daughter (out of nowhere) asked if someday she would be able to see her siblings in Heaven. I asked her what she meant…honestly, hoping that she was not talking about my own two abortions. She said that she knew I had two abortions and she wanted to know if she would ever get to meet those babies because she said, “in my heart, I miss them.” I never knew I would pass that sort of heartbreak on to my children.

When I had my abortions, I never thought about how it would affect others. I didn’t think about my future children. I never thought about how I would have to explain my selfishness to them.

My abortions live in me, and unfortunately, they live in them.

— Ashley Granger

Killing Baby Girls Doesn’t Make You Powerful

Girl Power

Over 60,000 females are killed by abortion every day on this planet. Their destruction is driven by feminists who believe they need to kill their sons and daughters to gain equality with men. Killing little girls doesn’t empower women, it degrades them.

Start Telling The Truth

Lying About Your Age

Your life started when your mother and father’s haploid gametes fused to create YOU. We’ve all been lying about how old we are. Why do we continue to ignore the nine additional months we’ve lived?

Baby In Womb

If you’re about to turn 21, you’re actually almost 22 years old. Think about it.

Family Starts In The Womb

Pregnancy Ultrasound

No matter where a child happens to live, they are members of our family. If we wouldn’t kill them while cradled in our arms, we shouldn’t kill them while cradled in the womb. We must all awaken to the reality that we were the same human being prior to our birth that we are today. We must awaken to the truth that abortion kills members of our human family.

Be their voice.

A Week By Week Look At Your Early Childhood

Pregnancy Weeks

Look closely at this graphic and remind yourself that American children can be legally killed on demand in most states up to 24 weeks of life, and up to birth in some states like Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon. Look at the baby at 24 weeks and ask yourself if her limbs should be ripped off of her body by choice. Also remind yourself that you passed through every one of these stages of life to get to where you are today. If you need proof, look at the scar on your abdomen. That’s where your umbilical cord once provided the oxygen and nutrients you needed to survive. In other words, it’s always been your body and your choice.

Reject the killing of our children and embrace a respect for every human life.

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