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{hint: it’s not our preborn children}

Mothers hold the lives of children in their hands and their wombs

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Having read numerous journal articles that made abortion sound as simple and straightforward as a dental procedure, I concluded it would be a quick and efficient way to solve the problem.

I went into the clinic expecting a relatively pain-free experience, but I came out feeling that the authors of these articles had betrayed me. The procedure was agonizing… Still, despite the pain, I did leave the clinic feeling very relieved: my problem was solved, and I could return to life as usual.

No one, however, had prepared me for the flashbacks, which began about a year after the “procedure”… Each time, I would relive the experience: going into the clinic; getting up on the table; experiencing the searing, unbelievable pain; and then lying there, gasping and stunned…

I started having upsetting reactions to babies. I would be walking around in a grocery store, and if I spotted a baby, my eyes would fill with tears and I would walk quickly away. A question started plaguing me: How old would my baby have been now?…

My memories about the abortion continued to haunt me. Even though I remained staunchly pro-choice, I still had to battle a deep and gnawing sense that I had done something terribly wrong.

— Lorraine V Murray Confessions of an Ex-Feminist (San Francisco, California: Ignatius Press, 2008) 99 – 101

The amazing journey of life is not something to fear

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In Defense of the Defenseless

Ignorance in the age of information is willful

information wisdom

Gain the wisdom of insight into the greatest human rights violation our species has ever conjured into existence. And then take action to protect the oppressed.

An illustration of your early childhood

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